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The next 10 years is the window of robot development

Since the first industrial robot in the world was launched in 1962, after more than half a century of development, robot technology has rapidly evolved and is continuously formed under the deep integration and promotion of the fields of Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, and cognitive science. The new development form, the intelligent development direction is increasingly prominent, and it is expected to become a pioneering force in the new round of industrial transformation, leading to major changes in human production and lifestyle.

The International Federation of Robotics (IFR) predicts that the “Robot Revolution Click to Open Link” will create a trillion-dollar market, driving new technology-related modules related to robots, sensory acquisition and identification, intelligent control and navigation, and other key technologies and markets. development of.

The report “The New Ecology of Robot 3.0 in the Artificial Intelligence Era” jointly published by International Data Corporation (IDC) and China’s Information and Communication Institute mentioned that iterative upgrades with image recognition, computation and control, image recognition, natural speech processing, and deep cognition The in-depth application of learning and other digital technologies in the field of robotics will have a profound impact on the robot industry and accelerate the development of intelligent intelligence in the robotics industry.

Qu Daokui, founder and president of Xinsong Robot Automation Co., Ltd., said that the main technical components of industrial robots in the past were machinery, electronics, software and control; now robots have been fully integrated with big data, artificial intelligence, internet of things, cloud computing. Together, a new ecosystem has emerged, which is also the biggest change in robotics. Only through this technological change and breakthrough, robots will have higher performance, function, intelligence and broad development space.

"Robot, in addition to its hardware, appearance and movement, is very important in the background of understanding, prediction, decision-making and front-end interaction capabilities." Liu Qingfeng, chairman of the board of Science and Technology Co., Ltd. said. AI technology can be seen as the core algorithm of the robot background. In industrial manufacturing, AI technology can promote cooperation between people and robots, making machine collaboration more intelligent. Gong Ke, the president of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations and the president of China's new generation of artificial intelligence strategy research institute, said, "At present, artificial intelligence plays a very prominent role in the new round of technology and industrial revolution, artificial intelligence, big data. The combination of Internet of Things, the Internet, and cloud computing, and mutual empowerment, are driving new generations of productivity in this era and entering a new stage of development."

Experts pointed out that we will seize the window of intelligent social development in the next 10 years and accelerate shifts. In this round of profound adjustment of industrial structure, we will move to a new development platform, realize new driving development, and provide a great rejuvenation Chinese dream for the Chinese nation. Powerful.

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