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Smart Home Cleaning Assistant

This auto Cleaning Vacuum Robot can really help you clean the floor

At present, smart home and artificial intelligence technology have penetrated into every aspect of our lives, and daily cleaning of the family is one of the homework that must be done every day. There are already many household cleaning vacuum cleaners on the market, but their use is only limited to cleaning debris and dust on the floor. For viscous materials, insoluble materials, and more difficult to treat dirt stains, there is no way to use them. Cleaned up using a liquid cleaner. But this is both time-consuming and labor-intensive, and Wireless Clean Machine has made a special effort to change this new home cleaning concept. 

the robot cleaner

Smart Home Cleaning Assistant: This robot can really help you clean the floor

At present, it has been a long time since Vacuum Robot was launched, but in order to deepen its intelligence, in this way, in theory, users can direct  operation directly using the mobile phone, but in fact, due to the design limitations of the product itself, the new function of  has little effect on the intelligence. it can be automatically charged, turned on and off. It also requires the user to connect the power supply when it is used. It can't be separated from the manual help and supervision, so it can't be 100% intelligent.

best house cleaning robot
In fact, the integration of mobile applications has added two semi-automatic features . First, you can use this app to set an invisible running range for the robot , no need to "straight straight". Second, you can also set a special task , which is designed to clean the service in a certain area, and complete the task, reducing the useless work. These two new features have proven to make the mopping robot clean performance in a particular area high quality and efficient.

vacuum cleaner bot

Finally, my summary  is: If you are quite resistant to fighting dirt and want a relatively comfortable and refreshing living environment, then our Auto Cleaning Vacuum Robot will be a reliable choice. Of course, if you want a good price and peace of mind, and are willing to pay for time and effort, sticking to your rags and buckets is also a good choice.

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