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Different Types Of Floor Mopping Robot

Home Vacuum Robot have become a household name, and vacuum cleaners can absorb dust and bring convenience to home cleaning. Among the many vacuum cleaner brands, Cordless Vacuum Cleaner has a very high proportion of attention,  I believe everyone wants to know the Mop Vacuum Cleaner Robot's model and price, am i right ?
 vacuum cleaners are still very good overall. As the leading brand of vacuum cleaners on the Chinese market, the cleaning ability is super strong, and the two functions of cleaning the floor and cleaning the furniture are perfectly combined. Energy-saving and environmentally friendly design, easy to carry, no noise when used. Fine workmanship and easy bag replacement. The motor is powerful and durable. 
there are different types of Steamer Mop Vacuum
1, horizontal vacuum cleaner
Horizontal vacuum cleaner This is a common type of vacuum cleaner, accounting for more than 80% of the overall market, suitable for most home users. It is characterized by its small size and convenient storage.
2, vertical vacuum cleaner
Vertical vacuum cleaners are suitable for large-area carpet cleaning, but since many families have now abandoned the use of large-area carpets, this type of vacuum cleaners is relatively popular with no horizontal vacuum cleaners, but they are also available in the Chinese market.
3, handheld vacuum cleaner
The hand-held vacuum cleaner is light in weight, easy to move and clean indoors, and is also very convenient to use. It is mainly used for cleaning inside the car, and also has good effects on keyboard appliances and bed sheets. However, the disadvantages of this type of vacuum cleaner are that the power is small, the suction is not strong enough, and there is no such thing as a water filter type, and the optional surface is small.
4, barrel vacuum cleaner
Generally used in commercial use, there are very few home users to buy. It is more common in large public places such as cleaning companies, office buildings, hotels, etc. Its main advantage is that it has a large capacity and can absorb water, but the price is bulky, relatively power-hungry, and the price is high, for ordinary household users. Not very suitable, there is not much to introduce here.
5, intelligent sweeping robot

The intelligent sweeping robot is a new thing in recent years. It can automatically clean the dust on the floor, automatically clean the hair and debris, and automatically return to the charging when it completes the cleaning task. The core technology of the smart vacuum cleaner is the chip and the inside. software. The advantages of this type of product are low noise, small size, easy access to places that traditional vacuum cleaners cannot reach, fully automated operation, no manual operation, and automatic work when people go to work and go out.

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