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Comparative analysis of cleaning ability of sweeping robot


In recent years, the most popular smart home appliances are sweeping robots. The hotspot of sweeping robots has made many people have the idea of buying, and many traditional home appliances and new companies have invested heavily in them. Products and brands have sprung up, and consumers often pick their eyes when they buy it and don't even know where to start. Some users rushed through the appearance of the product and the propaganda description of the merchant at the time of purchase. In the end, it was found that the effect of the purchased product was far from the promotion of the manufacturer. Because the sweeping robot is different from other home appliances, the threshold for R&D, design, and production is higher, and the factors that consumers should consider when choosing are more comprehensive.

Next, follow Xiaobian to find out how to choose a sweeping robot. Which sweeping robot is better than the sweeping robot? What are the common cleaning components for sweeping robots?

Common cleaning components for sweeping robots

1, single suction

The biggest advantage of the single-sucking sweeping robot is that it cleans the hair and is not prone to hair entanglement. It is very suitable for pet families and long-haired sisters who are easy to lose hair. The single-sucking sweeping robot is mainly sucked. If the suction motor is not enough, the cleaning ability is greatly reduced.

The single suction port can be further divided into three types: a floating single suction port, a fixed single suction port and a small suction port. The floating single-suck type intelligent sweeping robot can float the suction port up and down according to the unevenness of the ground, so that the suction port is close to the ground, and the suction static pressure value can reach 3-5 times of the fixed single suction port, and the second suction dust and the granular garbage have no pressure. . The fixed single-suction type intelligent sweeping robot has a certain distance from the ground due to the suction port, and the suction has no strong floating single suction port, and the cleaning ability for the tiny dust is relatively poor.

Comparative analysis of cleaning ability of sweeping robot

2, the main brush cleaning components

The high-speed rotation of the main brush can sweep the dust that is electrostatically adsorbed on the ground, and the cleaning ability is better than that of the single-sucking robot. The fixed main brush is the same as the fixed single suction port, and it is not easy to fit the ground. Compared with the floating main brush, the efficiency is slightly worse when cleaning the granular garbage. The principle that the floating main brush and the floating single suction port are close to the ground suction is the same. The floating main brush can also adjust the main brush lifting according to the unevenness of the ground, thereby achieving the purpose of cleaning the ground and cleaning the garbage well. The most difficult design of the main brush cleaning system is anti-winding performance, but if the design is not reasonable, hair winding will become the biggest problem.

Comparative analysis of cleaning ability of sweeping robot

3, multi-master brush cleaning components

The intelligent sweeping robot is equipped with multiple main brushes, and the mainstream multi-main brush design has a V-shaped brush design and a clip-on brush design. V-type brush design has the largest area for single cleaning, and it has strong cleaning ability for smooth floor and ordinary floor dust, which is suitable for Chinese home environment. The clip-on brush has a good cleaning ability for long-haired carpets, and is suitable for home environments where carpets are laid. It is widely used in Europe and America. In addition, the material selected by the main brush will affect the service life. Generally, the main brush of the nylon fiber brush + metal main brush holder is easy to clean the hair, and the cleaning is easy and not easy to damage.

The model of the plastic main brush holder used for cost saving is not only easy to damage, but also easy to wrap the hair, which is inconvenient to clean. The main brush system belongs to the consumable parts of the sweeping robot. It must be durable and easy to clean when selecting.

Comparative analysis of cleaning ability of sweeping robot

4, sweeping frequency conversion cleaning components

The floating suction port and the floating roller brush can be exchanged according to the ground conditions; the floating suction port assembly is selected for the ground condition with many hairs; deep cleaning: the floating roller brush is used for cleaning when the dust particles are large, and the sweeping machine can automatically adjust the floating roller brush according to different grounds. The grounding distance allows the fiber bristles to be cleaned in the gap and improve the cleansing power.

Comparative analysis of cleaning ability of sweeping robot

5, side brush

Some brands of sweeping robots have abandoned the design of the side brush, but I believe that the side brush is one of the cleaning components that must not be scanned.

The side brush can reach the corners, wall edges and other places that are difficult to clean, and greatly improve the cleaning area. A standard side brush should have a length of 150px long, and the material of the brush is better.

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