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Can sweep will be dragging a comprehensive cleaning Haier sweep drag combination cleaning robot evaluation

1 Haier "small fast" sweeper appearance appreciation back to the top

[PConline Professional Evaluation] In recent years, more and more sweeping robots on the home appliance market have proved their recognition. However, besides sweeping the housework, it is even more difficult to bend down and wipe the floor. In the face of such circumstances, why not consider a sweeping combination? Today, the PConline evaluation room received Haier’s combination of a cleaning robot and a small robot. Below, Xiao Bian will carry out a combination of sweeping and dragging evaluation. What is the effect? We immediately enter the evaluation link.

Haier "small fast" sweeper appearance appreciation

The exquisite body design weighs 3.5KG, the front width is 340MM, and the height is only 90MM. It can easily pass through the bottom of the table and penetrate into the bottom corner of the furniture to clean the corners and perfectly restore the clean floor. It can easily perform cleaning tasks for 120-180m2 large houses. The battery uses a rechargeable nickel-metal hydride battery, supports 100 to 120 minutes of work time, but also based on the remaining battery charge automatically recharge the charger base, do not need to worry about no power.

Thanks to the touch-enabled key design, there is basically no hole in the front panel, and the overall integrity is better and more concise. Coupled with a slight reflection of the mirror effect, instant increase in the value of a lot.

The key panel is mainly composed of four touch keys, which are a reservation key, a strong sweep key, a start key, and an automatic recharge key.

Looking at the side of the machine, you can find the crash bar, charging socket, and exhaust outlet.

At the bottom of the fuselage, there are three pairs of anti-drop sensors in Haier's “quick-fast” sweeping machine that can effectively detect “cliff” such as stairways and ensure that sweeping robots do not fall. The two small brooms are detachable and turn up to be adorable.

The dust box is built into the "belly" of the body by means of pressure extraction and is equipped with a cleaning brush. Garbage box capacity is 600ml, in addition, the factory is even more carefully for users with a piece of filter, so that users can change later.

Haier's "quick-fast" sweeper supports remote control of the remote control. A pair of batteries is also provided in the accessories. This is quite thoughtful. The remote control is relatively compact, feels good, and feels keystrokes are relatively moderate when used, feedback is clear, the overall control experience is still very good.

In order to solve the problem of hair winding, and at the same time to ensure suction cleaning performance, most Haier "small fast" sweeper adopts a large suction suction port, which can directly suck dust and garbage into the garbage box to prevent hair from winding.

For accessories, Haier's “quick-fast” sweepers may not have too many accessories, but some of them are fully equipped and do not lack.

Summary: Haier "small fast" sweeper exquisite workmanship, touch-button, in the use of experience than traditional buttons to be comfortable, but also to make the overall appearance of the front more concise, better integration. More automatic backfill, appointment cleaning, super anti-winding capabilities and other functions.

2 Haier "small static" wiping machine appearance appreciation back to the top

Haier "small static" wiping machine appearance appreciation

Haier's "quiet" brushing machine at first glance makes people feel very upscale and stylish. The sleek body makes the machine more intimacy and reduces the damage of bumps and damages. The black color is the main color. The side with charisma gold highlights the low-key elegance without losing the quality. The piano paint treatment makes the body more High-end, but also reduce the fingerprint marks. The body is not overly decorative, making the machine look more professional.

The lightweight body design is only 2KG in weight, the front width is 220MM, and the height is only 80MM. It can easily pass through the bottom of the table and deep clean the bottom corner of the furniture to perfectly restore the clean floor.

The bottom of the floating drive wheel is different from the sweeping robot drive, equipped with a floor transition sensor on both sides to detect stairs and other steps. Of course, cleaning cloths need to be properly installed in order for these devices to operate correctly.

Cleaning wipe installation demonstration:

Haier "small static" wiper touch button design, clear and sensitive button feedback, with the mirror reflection effect, instantly gives a tall feeling.

Haier's "small static" wiping machine only has two driving wheels. The tilted center of gravity of the fuselage is all pressed on the mop, and the angle and intensity of the hand and foot are presented when artificially rubbing the ground. Closer to the floor. To achieve uniform and detailed. As much as possible to remove the underground stains.

Haier is quite kind, Haier's "small static" cleaning machine accessories are quite complete, including the host, charging base, remote control, cleaning pad × 2, fiber cloth × 2, power supply and manuals and so on.

Summary: Haier "small static" to clean the machine body looks stylish and friendly, black with local gold border of the piano paint treatment is even more noble to avoid fingerprint marks, the body is not too much ornate decoration. The product is equipped with two cleaning pads and two fiber cleaning cloths, which can be used in various home situations. The bottom two floor transition sensors are particularly attractive to identify height differences and to avoid damage to the fuselage caused by running on a desk or step edge.

3 Haier sweep combination cleaning ability test back to the top

Haier sweep combination cleaning ability test

Haier "small fast" sweeper

Haier "small fast" sweeper has a variety of sweeping modes, such as Tian Geng sweeping, planned sweeping, key sweeping, edge sweeping, intelligent sweeping, and a variety of cleaning modes are used in combination to bring about efficient sweep coverage. Here we come Look at its cleaning ability!

Test site: Range of activities of 2m x 2m on a wooden fence

Oat cleaning test:

Mung bean cleaning test:

Haier "quiet" grazing machine test

Test site: Range of activities for 2m x 1m of wood fence

Haier "small static" wiping machine uses the principle of artificial cocoon, with the built-in gyroscope navigation, can quickly memory planning the environment, easy to remove ground stains.

Dry wiped water test:

Wet rub soy sauce test:

Summary: Through the testing of the cleaning ability of the Haier sweeping machine combination, we can see that the Haier sweeping combination is "slow work." Haier "small fast" sweeper still has a certain planning in the route planning Basically following the order of “first farmland rearing Yanbian”, the path basically presents a “bow” shape, and the sweeping ability is also good, and there is room for improvement; and the working sound of Haier’s “small static” sweeping machine is very silent, the route Presented with a plan of "bow" type, faced with clear water and soy sauce, it can be easily handled and the actual combat ability is excellent!

4 human functional test back to the top

Human functional test

Anti-drop test

Automatic recharge test

Anti-winding test

Labyrinth escape test

Summary: Haier sweep combination has a wealth of features, such as anti-drop, anti-winding, automatic recharging function, etc., in addition to the essential cleaning effect, the impact of these functions on the use of experience is also very large, but also very To extend the useful life of the machine.

5 Noise and Power Test Back to Top

Noise and power test

Noise test

Noise is the most unbearable to most people. As a daily household appliance, noise control ability is absolutely an important factor in whether users will choose. How much does the noise value of Haier's sweep and drag combination work? We together look.

After testing, Haier "small fast" sweeper measured noise value at work is 55.7dB, which is an acceptable range; and Haier "small static" grazing machine noise value measured at work is 47.7dB, is indeed silent cleaning Excellent product.

Power test

In the general case of full power, the Haier sweeping and dragging combination can continue to work for 120 minutes, sweeping an area of more than 150 square meters and satisfying the needs of most families.

After testing, Haier "small fast" sweeping machine charging power is 6.31W, Haier "small static" cleaning machine charging power is 17.98W, and both support automatic backfill, cleaning is completed or in the near future when the power can be Automatic return charge, no need to worry about its poor battery life, completely solve the user's worries.

Summary: The noise of Haier's sweeping and dragging combination is basically within an acceptable range. As far as life is concerned, due to the support for automatic backfilling, there is basically no need to worry about the endurance problem.

The full text concludes: Once there was a pair of Haier's "quick little" and "quiet" clean combinations before me, but I didn't cherish them. I didn't regret it until I was snapped up by others. This is nothing more than this. Give me a chance, I will not hesitate to buy this pair of combinations. If I need to give an evaluation of this combination, I will say: “With the arrival of the Twins, buy it!”

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