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Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Is Good, Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Purchase Guide


Nowadays, dust is all disgusting to human beings. In fact, the dust in the home is also quite a lot, and it is the trouble of many housewives. Therefore, on the market. There are a lot of convenient home appliances, and cordless hard floor cleaner is one of them. So, how to make a purchase?

Automatic vacuum cleaner is good

1, shape design

The automatic vacuum cleaner has a disc shape, a smooth metal surface and a small size. The built-in search radar chip can be placed in a corner when it is idle, and does not occupy a place at all. The ultra-high sensitivity touch screen of the vacuum cleaner, high-definition sensitization, charging indication, error indication, and dusty indication are clear at a glance.

robot floor cleaner

2, cleaning range

The automatic vacuum cleaning robot is a high-end product in the cleaning robot. It can be used on wooden floors, floor tiles, ceramic tiles and short-haired carpets. It has excellent effect on dust and hair treatment in the home, but there are also some shortcomings, that is, The width of the mouthpiece is narrow, and generally large debris cannot be absorbed.

robot vacuum reviews

3, intelligent control

Just turn on the switch and put the wireless clean machine on the ground, it will automatically start working, search every place in every room, don't worry that it will collide with furniture or other obstacles. Because its distinctive infrared detection system will avoid obstacles in advance, quickly turn the direction and choose the way forward. In general, it is to first exhaust the dust and foreign matter around the floor along the wall; then move back and forth irregularly to other locations in the room.

automatic vacuum cleaner

Automatic vacuum cleaner purchase guide

1. Vacuum nozzle design and suction size

Suction is a measure of the performance of an automatic vacuum cleaner. The suction is strong, and the vacuum cleaner has superior performance. Under the premise of ensuring that the vacuum cleaner can effectively vacuum, various vacuum nozzles and special-purpose accessories can improve efficiency and enhance cleaning effect. Of course, there is an adjustable telescopic extension tube that greatly improves cleaning efficiency, reduces labor intensity, and is easy to collect and reduce the storage space. Convenience measures such as the function of dust full indicator and automatic take-up are also considered.

2. Vacuum filter system

At present, the conventional vacuum cleaner filter materials include sponge, activated carbon, scouring pad and the like, and the filtering effect is generally not recommended. HEPA filtration, which is a high-precision filter, has the strongest adsorption power and is currently the best filter material.

3, vacuum cleaner standby performance

Most of the friends who buy vacuum cleaners are mostly used at home. If the vacuum cleaner has a short standby time and frequent charging, it is not conducive to our usual cleaning work.

4, vacuum cleaner noise

The noise problem during the working of the vacuum cleaner is also an aspect we consider. If the vacuum cleaner is working, it will always emit noise, and we will be upset when listening for a long time. Therefore, when purchasing in the mall, it is best to use the vacuum cleaner on site. First, look at its performance. Secondly, pay attention to the noise level of the vacuum cleaner.

There are many products in the market for automatic vacuum cleaners. Many people will say that such products are good or not, what are the advantages and disadvantages, what kind of after-sales level, etc. In fact, one product must be used personally. If you pass, you can really know his pros and cons, so the public can try to buy, and then compare, is the correct shopping skills.

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